New Monthly Outreach Opportunity: Open Hands

Posted June 3, 2022

The Outreach and Evangelism Committee of the Board of Elders is starting a monthly outreach opportunity for the congregation of Friedberg. Named “Open Hands,” each month will highlight a local ministry that serves and helps the community or a ministry within the church that reaches out to others. The congregation is asked to partner with that ministry for that month in various ways like donations, financial support, and prayer.

The Open Hands opportunity for June highlights City Lights, a ministry in WinstonSalem that does various work within the city. The focus is on their Floor to Bed program which donates twin size beds to children who currently do not have their own bed. The ministry has helped over 900 children get a good night’s sleep. The Friedberg congregation is asked to donate twin size sheets and pillows to help support this ministry. Donations of these items can be put n the bins located behind the sanctuary and in the narthex. Please let Jennifer Boles or Marcia Reich know if you have any questions or suggestions for the Open Hands ministry. Thanks for your help!

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